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Matt Cashion Honored by AGC Arkansas & Big I Arkansas

On Thursday, November 4th at the AGC Arkansas Annual Meeting, Steve Forsgren presented the President’s Award to Matt Cashion. This is an award that is given out every year by the AGC’s departing President. The Cashion Company has been a member of this wonderful association for 45+ years.

On Saturday, November 6th at the 2021 Big I Arkansas Annual Convention, Matt Cashion was the recipient of the Allan Kennedy Memorial Award. This is considered the highest honor bestowed by the Independent Insurance Agents of Arkansas and is presented to an agent for giving an immeasurable amount of time and service to the Association and their community. The Cashion Company is an active member agency that participates in volunteerism, education, committees and events with the Big I.

A big thank you to our industry partners, AGC Arkansas and Big I Arkansas.

Congratulations to Matt on his accomplishments! We are proud to have him as our leader at The Cashion Company.

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